Thursday, July 19, 2012

When Macawrongs hit the day

Last week I was so crazy about macarons. I was succeed on my first attempt which I made last year winter. Hahahhah... So long huh... Honestly, from my first taste of macaron I find they are too sweet for me. However, I do not know what has gone wrong with me last week. I baked batches of macarons in a day but it was not turned right. I am not giving up so I bake again the next day, and again failed to get a nice macaron. By end of the week I have a loads of macawrongs which I do not know what to do. None of us like the sweetness of the macawrongs except for Harris. 
Here are my versions of macawrongs.


pretty smooth face but feetless...

cracky face and feetless...

finally, the macawrongs puffed but with cracky face and feetless...

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