Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baked potato with meat/poultry filling

Dah.. Stop being sad and useless for a while. Put aside this negative feeling coz God knows what is best for us.


I long to share one of my favourite dish which was from my mom. She called it Baked Potato but I think it is more to a pie, Shepherd pie may be.

(actually I don't have any specific recipe for the filling. I just use whatever stored in the frigde) 
Ayam/Beef  ( dipotong dadu atau minced)- kekadang saya guna jer leftovers
Mixed veggie (carrot, pea, corn)
Celery  (dipotong dadu)
Curry powder 

Masak mengikut citarasa sendiri atau seperti inti karipap. Pendek kata.. IKUT SUKA HATI.....

Topping (mashed potato)

3-6 Potatoes (boil and mash)
1 egg
1/2 cup milk/cream
2 tbsp all-purpose flour
Pinch of salt and blackpepper

Once the mashed potato cold, add in egg. 
Then pour in the milk little by little and beat until fluffy. Finally the flour. No need to use hand mixer just a wooden spatula will do.
Strain the mixture to avoid a lumpy texture (kalau rajin la.., if not, make use the blender.. senang cerita)
Add salt and black pepper to taste.

1. Preheat oven to 180C
2. Slightly grease the baking pan with butter.
3. Pour half of the mashed potato into the baking pan.
4. Then pour all the meat filling on top of the mashed potato.
5. Lastly cover the meat filling with the mashed potato remain.
6. For a nice appearance garnish the top layer with egg or milk.

Tip: Nak lagi sedap, spread some cheese in between the layers.... yummy..yummy..


  1. Salam Kak Limah..
    kenapa sad pulak.. wah dpt baked potato ni mesti happy kan? :)

  2. As salam,
    salam perkenalan K Limah....
    sedap nyer tgk Baked Potato K Limah ni...
    tgk menu mcm senang je nak wat...hopefully ada semangat nak baked!

    1. waalaikumussalam butique4u

      salam perkenalan..

      senang sgt.. kira main campak2 jer..
      cuba la