Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My little boy turns 4

Tup Tap Tup Tap.. he`s four this year! Time flies so fast though I still treat him as a little baby and I still love to call him "Baby". Meaning... Hihihi.. I wish.. I wish.. I wish... in this year of dragon.. Yes, it is year of dragon but please stop dreaming my fair lady.

Last month (15/01/2012) we had celebrated harris`s birthday which fall on sunday. Lucky him. I made him a number 4 cake with four arms and benjamin tynesson figurines. More lucky him. The cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. YUMMY TUMMY.. No words could describe how happy he was.. X payah cakap banyak2, lets the pictures tell the story.

harris and sweet umaira

1,2,3.. puh puh puh....

mommy..mommy.. I want more..

the kids enjoying their sparklers. Not to forget the big kids too... hahahha kitorang celebrate dekat tempat ampai baju.. yang tersidai to not our baju k..

i did not plan any games for the kids. Luckily there were few packets of sparkler left by friend who went back home for good. TQ..TQ.. lain kali sesiapa nak balik tinggal la lagi...

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